A library is said to be the heart and soul of a college. The kind of books in a college library can be used to provide a basic assessment of the quality of the education offered there. Although it has small area ,however it has been upgrading its collection every year with good quality books and digital resources. The library is open from 9:00am to 4:30pm . It  measures 42 sqm and is located on second floor which is easily accessible to the students and runs on an open access basis. The library room can accommodate 30 patrons for reference. It is ensured that silence is maintained in the library as it is the only place where students come to read , as well as for completing their work. The college library has started since inception of the college in 2017.  The library collection is enriched every year by adding new books and e-resources. The library categorises books using the Dewey Decimal Classification system and is using the Library KOHA software, version

Along with reference books, it has a vast collection of books on topics including botany, biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. The library has more than 1,000 books, two journals of national and international repute, four magazines, five newspapers, more than 50 e-books, and participates in NDLI-related events (National Digital Library of India). The library provides reference service, referral service, virtual library service, photocopying facility, printing service, Current Awareness Service (CAS) etc. Library orientation is conducted at the beginning of the academic year to acquaint the students with the functioning of the library. Book exhibitions are conducted 2-3 times in a year and various activities are carried out for students as well to render the library user friendly.

In order to inculcate reading habits among the students, the library has come up with various activities like Virtual library where in readers can read e-books during their leisure time. Also the library keeps informing the patrons about the new arrivals. Students are also given the fundamental knowledge they would need to succeed in competitive tests following graduation. The Knowledge Portal section allows readers to quickly access websites that will help them expand their knowledge acquisition through independent study.

In order for students to write scholarly articles, research article writing is encouraged. The library also provides the students to online access of question papers since inception